Ventanar S.A.S is an exceptional human organization that seeks to meet the needs of the construction sector in relation to architectural enclosures; and satisfy the demands of the integral furniture market for offices.
Through the innovation of products and processes, the culture of continuous improvement, always oriented to satisfy the needs and increase the expectations of our clients, managing to build a mutual benefit with all our stakeholders.

Ventanar S.A.S. will focus its efforts towards the search of the foreign market taking advantage of the current exchange rate that encourages exporting; and the strong growth of construction in the USA. To this end, it will strengthen its internal quality processes, the bilingual training of the commercial and technical areas and the certification of its finishing process (wet paint).

In a market as large as it is restricted in its access by the strong regulations, it will look for allies in that country to form join-type partnerships that combine the production capacity of Ventanar with the commercialization availability of its peers.

On the other hand, will be oriented in the next 3 years to the vertical integration of the production plant to the assembly of own plants for finishes of profiles and furniture (automated painting with infrared furnace) and a line for self-supply of laminated glass; In the year 2022 the Quality Management System will be strengthened obtaining the ISO 17025 certification for the testing laboratory.

Ventanar S.A.S. produces, markets and installs open office systems and architectural enclosures with high quality standards, for the construction and engineering sector nationally and internationally, generating continuous improvement in the processes of the organization, in order to meet the needs , expectations of our customers and comply with the applicable requirements.

37 años embelleciendo los edificios de Colombia.