This economic window system includes 14 x 42 mm aluminum profiles (in the lock area), 38 mm large sill with an isobaric chamger for water control, 90° cut profiles, and excellent EPDM or silicone seals against water and wind penetration.

Green Gold / Bucaramanga

The system meets NSR requirements and CE European standards, allows 3 mm to 4 mm glasses, and up to 10 kg per panel.

Economic system for sliding window

  • Double-railed frame

  • Reinforced coupling mechanism

  • Glass thickness: 3 to 4 mm

  • Frame and sash cutting angle: 90°

  • Nylon rollers (maximum panel weight: 10 kg)

  • Large sill specially designed for water penetration control

  • Automatic lock with stainless steel hook