Casement window system with european channel, 52.5 mm x 40 mm sash profiles, 52.5 mm x 56.7 mm door profiles, 45 mm x 47 mm isobaric chamber profiles cut at 45°. European designed hardware systen with multipoint lock system (2 to 8 points) and EPDM or silicone gaskets provide the product with excelent water and wind protection, and high tightness for an excelent acoustic performance.

Boca Reserva / Bogotá


The system meets NSR10 requirements and CE European standards, allows 5 mm to 32 mm glasses, and up to 80 kg per sash in windows and 120 kg in doors. Its mechanisms and accesories are certified bt completing 25.000 cycle test according to EN 13126.

Heavy duty sliding door

  • Outwards or inwards opening

  • Glass thickness: 5 mm to 32 mm

  • Frame and sash cutting angle: 45°

  • Multipoint lock system

  • Hinge kit (max weight per sash: 80 kg for windows and 120 kg for doors)

  • Optional opening control

  • 52.5 mm x 56.7 mm sash profiles and single lock