Unitized preglazed modular systems, are directly glazed to the aluminum frame using sealant or mechanical fixation. This system includes a pressure controlled chamber (isobaric chamber) using the rainscreen principle (drainage system and moisture barrier) to conduct water, and a high performance silicone gasket system, reducing on-site sealant use. The installation process is three times more efficient compared to traditional systems. Each module is fully assembled and installed with SS 304 stainless steel screws.

CMO – HIC | Floridablanca


Each module is fully assembled and installed with SS304 stainless steel screws. The tridimensional anchorage system allows the curtain wall to support
+/- 25 mm plumbness tolerances, +/- 6mm in level alignment and +/- 40 mm vertical misalignment, reducing and facilitating leveling works done in the construction site, resulting in fast and optimal solutions to any installation requirement, and allowing tridimensional leveling of the facade.

The vertical couplings in each module are sealed each other by a gasket system which controls water penetration and conduction, providing A8 level for water penetration in curtain walls according to ASTM E331 and EN 12208 for over 600 Pa, and C3 structural performance according to ASTM ED 330 and EN 12207 for over 660 Pa. These values provide an excelent product performance, reducing future mainteinance requirements.


hidden mullion
and visible transoms

  • The simply supported anchorage system allows the facade to resist any building drift in case of seismic forces. Thanks to its performance, the product is catalogued as SUPERIOR according to the NSR-10 chapter A.9.

  • Smoke-tight system with rockwool ribbon with minimal vertical 4” section (101.6 mm) located horizontally and sealed with elastomer putty against the slab, which activates at temperatures above 120°C, meeting the NSR-10 chapter J requirements.


Unitized facade system allows a faster installation in order to achieve an agile and effective process, transporting the factory assembled panels with special lifting equipment. Ventanar counts with 8 electric hoists and a special spider mini crane designed for narrow access spaces.