Italian design sliding system, special for lightweight windows and doors. Each sash includes 25 mm x 52 mm aluminum profiles. The frame is characterized by rounded edges, isobaric chamber and 45 mm x 37 mm profiles cut at 45°, providing an aesthetic finish, and efficient protection against wind and water.

Cerros de los Alpes / Bogotá

The system meets NSR10 requirements and CE European standards, allows 4 mm to 8 mm glasses, and up to 70 kg per sash. Italian certified mechanisms and accesories meet EN 13126.

Sliding window and door system

  • Double or triple-railed frame

  • Simple or reinforced coupling mechanism

  • Glass thickness: 4 mm to 8 mm

  • Frame and sash cutting angle: 45°

  • Polyamide rollers (max panel weight: 70 kg)

  • Handle in sliding panel (doors only)