Top sliding stacking system, specially designed for large openings that require full visibility. Allows a smooth and gentle operation, as well as different stacking options: perpendicular or parallel to the opening. Each panel has an independent steel cap in order to provide more security.

La Montaña / Ruitoque


Composed by an extruded aluminum upper track and heavy duty rollers, this system allows weight up to 120 kg per panel, and glass thickness from 8 mm to 12 mm. Each independent panel glides easily through the upper track to the stacking area which can be visible or concealed, allowing an unobstructed view.

 Stacking door system

  • Glass thickness: 8 mm to 12 mm

  • Door width: 700 mm to 1.500 mm

  • No floor tracking required

  • Each panel is secured with steel caps

  • Pivot door secured with lock

  • Each panel can be positioned independently along the track