Project Description

Project description

Gerardo Arango is the new building for the Pontifical Xavierian University’s Arts faculty. The project is a new scenery for the arts and innovation thus enhancing the park’s natural condition of  gathering and concentrating various activities of the social and urban life of Bogota. The building has been projected for the creation of new arts that allows diversity and that impulses social exchange through art as a tool for reflection on the new realities that the country is ready to face.

The tower can be decomposed into three volumes that represent each and every discipline that forms part of the faculty’s program, thus generating a group of three autonomous worlds related through circulation, empty spaces and perspective relations.

Ventanar installed the following products:

  • 2.800 m2 in white Lamberts Linit (Germany) U-glass curtain wall
  • 2.000 m2 in Svelte 50 storefronts with frit glass
  • Motorized awning windows and skylights.


Bogota D.C.

Project type:


Installed area:

6.773 m2


Svelte 50

U Glass