Ventanar has its production plant located in Giron Santander, where it counts with more than 14.350 built square meters.

Main production plant

Inside the main production plant, processes such as cutting, machining, and assembly of aluminum extruded profiles (Ventanar’s main raw material) are carried out, in order to manufacture Windows and doors. The Company counts with latest techology equipment: CNC (computer numerical control) twin head precission cutting machine, CNC machining centers, punching, milling, bending machines, pneumatic network for assembly line, and pneumatic glass cutting tables.

  • Aluminum CNC cutting machines

  • Aluminum CNC machining center

  • Die cutting machines and digital copy routers

  • Pneumatic network for assembly line

  • Annealed and laminated glass cutting table

Administrative Offices

Ventanar is composed of more than 500 workers: designers and engineers in the technical and production departments, architects in the commercial areas and site management, as well as trained technical personnel, with experience in administrative and client service areas.

Quadra L1 Machining Center

CNC 12-axis machining center, designed to perform milling, drilling and cutting operations aluminium and light alloys in general. QUADRA L1 is made up of an automatic tool magazine and a thrust feed system for profiles sized up to 7500 mm complete with profile clamping gripper drive.

In the central part are situated the milling module and the cutting module. The CNC 4-axis milling module is equipped with 4 up to 6 electrospindles and enables the whole contour of the workpiece to be machined, however it is oriented.

  • Machining and manufacturing of curtain wall systems

  • Production capacity of 17 modules per hour

  • Milling, drilling and cutting operations for aluminum profiles in one step.

  • High performance operations

  • 12 axis CNC work station

  • 4 axis machining module

Testing Laboratory

Ventanar counts with a german technology testing laboratory, in which water tightness, water resistance and wind load tests are applied to products, thus ensuring its quality.

Curtain wall manufacturing plant

The new 3.660 massembly plant is designed to carry out the production of major stick and Unitized curtain wall projects. It has a 3 shift capacity, as well as latest technology machinery and equipment such as Emmegi’s Quadra L1 and dual component structural silicone application systems.

  • Curtain wall production

  • Dual component structural silicone application systems

Expansion project in Giron Santander

Ventanar started the expansion of its facilities with the construction of two warehouses dedicated to the new automatic powder coating line for aluminum extrusions and the Unitized modular curtain wall production line, finishing the first stage of this project in june 2016.

The 2.800 m2 automatic powder coating line warehouse, has a controlled inmersion pretreatment system, essential to the coating’s adherence and life expectancy, a continous automatic electrostatic powder coating application line and curing oven with inframix technology (infrared and convection) in order to warranty a durable finish. The new 3.660 m2 Unitized curtain wall production warehouse counts with the latest technology equipment including the 12 axis cutting
and machining center QUADRA L1, a stainless steel accesory machining line, and application equipment for structural dual component silicone. This plant has a 3 shift capacity.

The expansion project will conclude with the construction of the office furniture production plant ARKETIPO, currently located in Bucaramanga.

Electrostatic powder coating plant

Automatic powder coating line with continuous conveyor, immersion pretreatment, drying oven, coating application (with reciprocators) and curing oven for aluminum extruded profiles. The curing oven has inframix (infrared and convection) technology and automatic application rotating bell sprayers to ensure a top quality finish.

  • Variety of finishes (matte, glossy, texturized)

  • No tone changes

  • Resistance to the attack of corrosive substances during the construction process

  • Ease for retouches and reprocesses

  • Certified coating and process: Total warranty

  • Eco-friendly processes