Ventanar is certified in ISO 9001 Quality and BASC international standard and BASC 5.0.1 international security standard. in exports.

BASC Standards

WBO is an organization led by the business sector whose mission is to facilitate and streamline international trade by establishing and managing global security standards and procedures applied to the international trade logistics chain.


  • Promote the normalization and standardization of export and import chain procedures.

  • Encourage the growth of international markets, facilitating the entry of national products to other countries.

  • Promote international credibility in products and services.

  • Advise associates in order to prevent their products and/or services from being used for illicit activities.

  • Reduce national or foreign penalties.

  • Optimize the processes and operations of the trade logistics chain.

  • Create a safe work environment.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international ISO standard that applies to the Quality Management Systems of public and private organizations, regardless of their size or business activity. This is an excellent working method for improving the quality of products and services, as well as customer satisfaction.


  • Achieve increased customer satisfaction by establishing continuous improvement processes.

  • Ensure that the products or services offered meet the demands of customers.

  • Better internal organization.

  • Better performance in commercial applications and continuous improvement.

  • Increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Greater control of the administration of organizations and shareholders.